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Additional Services

At BLS International, we constantly strive to offer a range of High-end services to enhance customer satisfaction. As part of our constant and ongoing endeavour to add value to applicants’ experience, it is our privilege to offer the following service:

Pre-book your Services before visiting the Visa Application Centre.

Optional Services:

Service Charge (All Inclusive) 15.45 Euros
Courier 15.99 Euros
Courier (Next Day) 26.99 Euros
Photographs 9.99 Euros/ 4 copies
Photo Copy 0.99 euros / 1copy
Printing (Per Page) 0.50 euros
SMS (text) 2.49 euros/application
Computer with Internet (KIOSK) 15.00 euros/application
Premium Lounge Service 65.00 euros
Mobile Biometric Service 449 Euros (1 to 5 applicants)

Premium Service:

At BLS International, we constantly strive to offer a range of High - end services to enhance customer satisfaction. We are pleased to offer our applicants Premium Service in the visa application centre. With more personalized service for smooth application process and enhance applicant satisfaction.

Premium Service upgrades are available for an additional 65.06 euros (per applicant).
If you are interested in learning more about Premium service, please ask our welcome staff.

Mobile Biometric Service:

BLS is proud to offer new Mobile Biometric service to our applicants.
One of our experienced officers can come to your home/office and collect your visa application documents, fingerprints and securely deliver it to the Spain Consulate.
Discount will be offered to the multiple applications. For more details please call or email us.
Please note: You should prepare all the documents before applying for this service. For more information please contact us on

Important notice:

  • Please note that Premium Service is available only to applicants with a scheduled appointment.
  • Please note that Premium Service in no way guarantees the right to obtain a visa, an overbooking, or faster processing of your file by the Spain Consulate in the UK.
  • No refund of fees will be done in case of withdrawal